D:LS 1

Your mind is wracked with pain as the tendrils of the haze begin to clear from your sight. Sweat stings your eyes, as you wipe your brow and try to steady yourself. Unable to reconcile the suddenness of your awakening you stagger to one side, and wretch, heaving up some dark mash which falls in clumps upon the ground near your feet. Spitting the last of the sick from your mouth you raise your eyes. A desert of stone, pumice and ash surround you. The ruins of what may have once been a human castle loom on the horizon to your right, guarded by a meandering river of orange magma that flows from some unseen source. Above you lays a black sky where roiling, dark clouds hang low, shot through with orange light that pulses intermittently. The air itself is hot, acrid and dry. Cries of battle and of pain echo from across the desert, seemingly from all directions. There is no wind to carry these sounds, they simply are.

Your gear seems to be made of iron, primarily, it is heavy and it is hot. A ragged shift and wooden sandals are all that protect you from the elements. A strangely light silver amulet studded with five diamonds feels cool and out of place around your neck. The bodies of other men, women and… creatures which are similarly garbed are strewn about the area, all slain brutally. Your fingers curl into a fist. There is power in you, experience. You’ve no doubt seen battle, countless times.

Suddenly a ship descends from the sky, hurtling into the remains of the far side of the castle. A planar skiff, you’ve seen them before. But… where? Your mind is blank, you have the vague recollection of pain, of searing heat and of torture, but you have no recollection of anything else. Slowly the silver amulet lifts from your chest, raising towards the direction of the crashed vessel.

Lost Souls

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